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  • How much will it cost?

    During the first consult or “intake meeting” the therapist and client will have an open and honest conversation about the payment rate. We typically use a “case by case” basis for clients. Each therapist has an hourly rate in their private practice based on their experience and education. Some clients who come to Counseling Center cannot afford the full rate. For those clients, the Counseling Center supplements the difference between what the client can pay and the full hourly rate. We ask that clients pay at least $25 an hour toward their counseling but any additional amount helps others get counseling too.

    Typically, most of our therapists like to see new clients weekly at the start of therapy. After the first few sessions, the therapist and client will discuss together how therapy is going and estimate the duration of therapy. This approach is helpful for the client to estimate the cost of their therapy.

    Usually, counseling sessions are 50-60 minutes long unless otherwise determined. Most of the sessions take place in the Peggy Crosby Center in Highlands.

    If $25 is prohibitive for a client, we will find a way to help you. The mission is to provide access to mental health care here on the plateau and our therapists are very comfortable figuring out a fee that works for you.

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